Released 1971
Format Vinyl
Type Studio Album
Genre Folk Rock
Length 40:23
Number of discs 1
Edition date 1971
Country U.K.
Label Transatlantic
Catalog Number TRA 241


Can I Have My Money Back? is the first solo album by Gerry Rafferty. The distinctive cover design was by John Patrick Byrne and was the start of a long working relationship between Rafferty and the playwright.

The LP was well received, but performed poorly in charts and sales, in part because Rafferty had just left a well known band, The Humblebums. The album also saw Joe Egan come on board, and the pair formed Stealers Wheel shortly afterwards.



Gerry Rafferty - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Joe Egan - background vocals
Rab Noakes - vocals, acoustic guitar
Roger Brown - electric guitar, vocals
Zed Jenkins - electric guitar
Rod King - steel guitar
Hugh Murphy - tambourine, vocals
Alan Parker - guitar
Tom Parker - harmonium, harpsichord
Henry Spinetti - drums
Andrew Steele - drums
Johnny VanDerrick - fiddle, violin
Tom Lasker - piano
Gary Taylor - bass, vocals
John Whitehead - production co-ordination
Patrick - artwork

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