Released 1974
Format Vinyl
Type Compilation
Genre Folk Rock
Length 46:55
Number of discs 1
Edition date 1974
Country UK
Label Transatlantic Records
Catalog Number TRA 270


Gerry Rafferty, released in 1974 on Transatlantic Records (TRA 270) (reissues included: Visa Records [Visa 7006]), is mainly a compilation of Humblebums material that Gerry Rafferty had written and performed while in that group.

It comprises most of the serious musical content of the last two albums released by that group, with the exception of So Bad Thinking (which came from the backside of his Can I Have My Money Back? single). The remaining content of those two albums were mostly humorous Billy Connolly compositions, although a few musical gems can be found among them, especially the ones in which Rafferty sings harmony.

The sound and feel of this album is similar to Can I Have My Money Back?, his first solo effort from 1971. All song versions on this album (except So Bad Thinking) are available in CD form on various Humblebums compilations.

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