Released 1994
Format CD
Type Studio Album
Genre Folk Rock
Length 0:00
Number of discs 1
Edition date 1994
Country Germany
Label Polydor
Catalog Number 523 599-2


Over My Head is the eighth studio album by Gerry Rafferty, released in 1994. It is the follow-up to his album On a Wing and a Prayer and features many of the same musicians.

The album includes songwriting contributions from Joe Egan and a John Lennon cover. This was the last album Hugh Murphy produced before his death in 1998.


Gerry Rafferty - guitar, vocals
Arran Ahmun - percussion
Bryn Haworth - guitar, mandolin, harpolek, National guitar
Pavel Rosak - piano, keyboards, drum programming, bass, harmonica, brass, marimba
Mo Foster - bass
Rab Noakes - guitar
Mel Collins - soprano & baritone saxophone
Pete Zorn - bass
Ian Lynn - string conductor, keyboards, synth pad
Julian Dawson - harmonica
Lianne Carroll - background vocals
Nicky Moore - background vocals
Brad Dawson - shaker

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