Stay As You Are


Released 1982
Format Vinyl
Type Studio Album
Genre Folk Rock
Length 0:00
Number of discs 1
Edition date 1982
Country US
Label The Goods Records
Catalog Number TGR 9304


This is the repackaged version of Joe Egan's second solo album, Map.

For whatever reason, 1981's "Map" never saw an American release so in 1982 the California-based label "The Goods Records" decided to change that. Somehow acquiring distribution rights to the album, they issued it complete with a new title and new cover art.

The song listing remained unchanged. From a marketing standpoint it certainly seemed suicidal. By 1982 Egan didn't have much of a fan base left in the States and as a small label, the company certainly didn't have much in the way of promotional capabilities. Needless to say, that didn't stop the project.

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